Personalised Programming To Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals!


Achieve your fitness goals wherever you are with ongoing support and a bespoke programme which get's you to where you need to be. 

With personalised programming you will receive expert guidance tailored to your needs based on the targets you have. 

You will receive ongoing check-ins where we evaluate your progress and results.


How it works


First things first, we discuss your goals and targets. This will be done via video call and is the first step towards me being able to build you your tailored programme.

Tailored Training Programme

Knowing as much information about your goals, abilities and equipment, I build out your bespoke programme which will be reviewed with you each week through check-ins. This will be tailored where needed throughout the 12 weeks.

Ongoing Support

I know that a huge part of successfully achieving what you set out to do, is to be held accountable and motivated throughout the process, thats's why I offer all my clients continued support via whatsapp and video calls. We will also use these to check progress and refine your programme when needed.

Packages from £200 per month