Fittest Future

31 Day Accountability and Workout Programme

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The Fast Track To Your Fittest Future

Join my the Fittest Future 31 day group programme launching 2nd January 2022

My Fittest Future programme is my proven group fitness and accountability programme designed to help you level up your lifestyle and lay the foundations for your fittest future yet. 

I’ve been helping clients with this specific method of accountability, mindset coaching and bespoke programming for the last 12 months and have seen some incredible results (some shown above).

This programme is completely unique to anything you will have seen before. I have created a holistic approach to your health and fitness journey which incorporates the two key elements of lasting change, accountability for your fitness progress and mindset coaching to make sure you achieve your personal fitness goals.

I’m here to help you lay the foundations for your fittest future yet, so are you ready? 


Proven results, time and again


This group programme was exactly what I needed, accountability and support from Craig when I needed it most! On days where I couldn't be bothered there was always the nudge I needed to work on my fitness, and I've never felt better!

Tez - 37

Ready to Commit to Your Fittest Future?

This is for you if...

You want to feel better in your body and mind

You're tired of your stop/start attitude to fitness

You don't want to commit to a 1:1 PT but want the same level of support

You enjoy being part of a likeminded group with a single focus

Your ready to take control and step into your fittest future


A programme created specifically for you!

The unique part of this programme is that no matter your level of fitness, or your access to gym equipment, this programme will work for you. All workouts are tailored to your individual needs and goals and you don't have to have any gym membership or equipment to reach your goals with my tailored workout plans which you receive each week. 

My aim is to make you feel supported and to guide you towards your fitness and lifestyle goals. You quite literally have access to a PT in your pocket...ME!

Ready to do this and step into the best version of yourself in 2022?


What's included?


Whatsapp Group

Daily Check-ins and accountability

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Ready to step into the best version of you?


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