A Bit About Me

Helping you REGAIN fitness

As someone who has always loved fitness and any type of competative sport, I was surprised to find myself in the worst shape of my life in 2019. But that's the thing isn't it, life get's in the way and before we know it we find ourselves prioritising everything other than our personal wellbeing.

As someone who has always had an active lifestyle I was struggling to find the time to train whilst having a young family. As I reached my heaviest weight in a LONG time I knew something had to happen - that's when I decided that I was going to train as a personal trainer (something I had always wanted to do) to not only hold myself accountable for maintaining a healthier lifestyle, but so I could support people in exactly my situation - tired, out of shape and wanting to look after themselves more. 

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I practice what I preach

Not your average personal trainer

Over the last 2 years I completely changed my lifestyle and I have been able to maintain that positive change. If you are struggling to reach your goals, I have been there! Which is why I am so passionate about the support I provide my clients. I know how hard it can be to start, but I promise you I will support you in creating a sustainable lifestyle which supports you no matter what your situation.


My Approach

Sustainable programmes which fit into your busy lifestyle

My training approach straightforward. I believe everyone has their own unique strengths which I nurture and also push in a way you are unable to do alone. 

Most importantly is the fact I build programmes which are SUSTAINABLE within your life. I will not programme any of my clients with 5 hours of workouts if there quite simply isn't the time. 

Sustainable change is about starting small and scaling, when I work with clients we are on the journey together and we adjust where we need to. 

No one size fits all, and it shouldn't. I'm here to help you REGAIN fitness in a way which feels good and fits with your lifestyle.